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"Moshe Goldbard, Teacher of numerologists".

Moshe Goldbard, Numerologist – Chirologist – Astrologist and Consultant

Hello and welcome to the magical world of numerology (the study of numbers and letters).

Many of us deliberate questions such as: what is the purpose of my life? What is my role right now and in general? Why do I feel stuck and blocked at certain points in my life, regarding matters such as marriage, money, health and more.

What profession should I choose? Which partner should I choose? And a wide range of other questions.

For several years, I have been counseling individuals and couples. In addition, I offer consulting services small and large organizations, businesses and companies on issues related to employee placement, business moves, partnerships and more.

I organize and host team building events for companies and organizations, as well as for private groups – for bachelor/bachelorette parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvas or any other occasion.

I also advise and contribute on the Zman Mystica television program on Channel 10, on the experts’ hotline on the 103FM radio channel every Wednesday between 11:00 AM-12:00PM, on the internet and to newspapers.

I lecture on numerology, chirology and Kabbala in Israel and around the world. I am a lecturer and offer courses at Kiryat Ono Academic Center on the topics of: Kabbalist Numerology, Chirology (study of the palm) and Kabbalah. I also teach private courses and groups in Be’er Yaakov.

My goal is to spread this knowledge and help everyone understand why various situations occur in our lives and in what order they occur. By understanding these things, we will be able to deal with them with relative ease, comprehend them more deeply, breathe easier and smile more.

Everything is foreseen – but choice is granted.

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Moshe Goldbard, Numerologist – Chirologist – Astrologist and Consultant

Moshe Goldbard, Numerologist – Chirologist – Astrologist and Consultant

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring you into the magical world of numerology, through which I am able to give you tips that provide a basic understanding of Cabbalistic numerology.

Remember: Everything is foreseen – but choice is granted.
Situations in our lives, meetings, etc. – are all foreseen.
But what we do and how we deal with things depends on us.
When we understand this in depth, we are able to influence our destiny.

You are invited to enjoy the articles and material on the website on the topics of numerology and Kabbala.

Please feel free to call me at any time: 972-54-2158888 or 972-8-9166665. I am happy to help you!

Personal Counseling

Each and every one of us is an entire world. A full world. This is expressed, according to the Cabbala, through the secrets in our names, our parents’ names, our Gregorian date of birth, our Hebrew date of birth, the weekly Bible portion and more. More…

Marriage Counseling

“The best way to put out a fire is to prevent it.” All of us deal with questions related to marriage, business, livelihood, place of residence, health and more. But one of the most basic and very, very important issues to all of us is the topic of More…

Business Consulting

*Is being independent right for me? If so , in what field? What area suits my path in life and my luck?
*Should I open a business alone? Should I partner up with one or more partners?
*If I do open a business with partners, I need to check More…

Autism Consulting

Consulting on the Subject of Autism: Being the father of an autistic son, and since this subject is an inseparable part of my life, I have researched it for several years and I continue to study the subject. The conclusions are numerous. More…

“אם אתה מאמין שאתה יכול או אם אתה מאמין שאתה לא יכול – אתה צודק” הנרי פורד

“החיים מתחילים היכן שהפחד נגמר” אושו

“מה שלא הולך בכוח, ילך בפחות כוח” אמה

האמא במחבקת

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